Custom IVR Solutions with One Goal – Meeting Yours

Patriot provides your customers with an Enhanced IVR solution designed to address their specific needs while meeting your business goals.  

Face it, most people do not enjoy automated phone systems but Patriot wants to change that.

A poorly designed IVR can create caller frustration and hurt your brand’s image.  When done right, a well-defined IVR solution can provide customers with quick and easy access to everything they need to interact with your brand.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can be used a number of different ways but the end goal is always the same – find a way to complete routine caller activities in an automated fashion that ultimately agrees with the customer. This is easier said than done but it can be done. Since 1989, Patriot has been working with leading businesses across various industries to design custom IVR solutions to support their customers and cut down operating costs.


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Every day and with every challenge, we practice the Art of Human Sense - blending cutting edge technology with ingenious human insight and creativity, delivered in a seamless experience for our clients.